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Ben Scott: The Story Behind Kaleidoscope

November 19, 2015

Little Black Book spoke to first-time director Ben Scott about his mesmerising work on the new Red Bull BMX film, Kaleidoscope.

The film stars pioneering BMX rider Kriss Kyle, and features a combination of optical illusions, moving set pieces and some innovative and breathtaking riding.

It’s a truly unique piece of filmmaking, and the interview makes for a fascinating insight into the production.

On directing for the first time:

“I have been on film sets all of my career, and have seen most things, but nothing really prepares you for an athlete coming to you in the middle of a shooting day and saying, ”you know that 38 foot drop combo, well, I thought I might do it backwards.” Now that’s scary.”


On working with Kriss:

“It was a real pleasure to work with someone at the absolute top of their game, pushing boundaries.”


On optical illusions:

“Creating optical designs that are also kinetic, that can also be ridden by Kriss on a BMX. That was the really tricky part.”

Head over to LITTLE BLACK BOOK to read the full interview.

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