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Shynola and Durex Call For Condom Emoji

November 23, 2015

Mixed media artists Shynola have teamed with Havas London and Durex to call for the creation of a condom emoji to promote safe sex ahead of World AIDS Day on 1st December.

The good-humoured campaign film features a mix of suggestive emojis to get people talking. The ad has arrived at the perfect time with The Oxford Dictionary recently naming an emoji as their oft-debated word of the year.

Beyond designing the official condom emoji, Shynola had to create their own bespoke emoji alphabet, which meant designing 52 emojis in two weeks.

The #CondomEmoji campaign is running across YouTube, Facebook and Twitter, with an accompanying video explaining the project.

And you can check out a selection of Shynola’s work HERE, and their recently updated showreel HERE.

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