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Ridley Scott Talks Movie Marketing, The Martian and the Famous 1984 Ad

December 7, 2015


Ridley Scott has been setting the bar for his entire career, spanning commercials, films and movie marketing. AdWeek’s Kristina Monllos sits down with our founder to discuss the future of movie marketing, among other career highlights.

In the interview, published to AdWeek just yesterday, the director discusses the nature of advertising and film and how the two can meet to provide audiences with the most entertaining experiences.

On the current state of movie marketing: “I think now, with all of the new technology available to the audience, saying the right thing at the right time is more important than ever before. And if we can achieve all of this with a mind toward finding fundamentally new ways to tell or extend our stories, I think that’s where success lies.”

On the relationship between advertising and film: “There has always been a relationship between advertising and film. Why shouldn’t that continue to evolve? I think both of these worlds keep moving closer together, and the audience has more power in choosing what they want to spend time with, so it better be good. Films are an excellent way to connect with people through something they care about.”

On 1984: “I’m proud of that spot. It all came from a single idea and the decision to not just feature the product but to communicate what Apple stood for. It was my job as the director to interpret that and deliver it as visual entertainment. All of the best advertising to me feels like entertainment. I look at commercials like films. That’s how I made them. It was a formidable approach … still is today. It’s all about great writing and great entertainment. Nothing like great writing.”

Read the full interview here.

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