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Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen’s Directs Tragically Beautiful Film “The Family” for Ford from New Land

February 29, 2016

Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen’s latest out of Scandinavian production company New Land and creative agency Very is an evocative, sad, and very human story that also stands as a huge feat for branded content.

“The Family” tackles a family in the midst of divorce, a topic that might seem a bit too “real” for conventional advertising. To Ford’s credit, the risk in covering unconventional subject matter pays off well, in a film that is not only impeccably crafted but also truly touching.

Ford cars play a part in every step of the journey, as told in three parts. The vehicles are a necessary part of the journey, a home and safe haven, and mark the progression in the narrative of this family. It was the divorce rate in fact that was the impetus for the concept of the film, that cars play such a key role in the devastating event.

Watch the stunning, sobering film above and read more about Daniel’s vision on AdWeek.

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