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Henrik Hansen’s “Predators” for Dodge Named in 10 Best Wieden+Kennedy Collaborations with the Brand

March 7, 2016

AdWeek is celebrating the 10 best advertisements that Wieden+Kennedy has made for Dodge and Chrysler over their six years of collaboration. Ranking at number eight on the list is Henrik Hansen’s epic “Predators” for Dodge.

The campaign included both a 30 and 90 second spot set against Phil Collins masterpiece “In The Air Tonight” and originally aired in July 2015 in movie theatres, and premiered in Time Square followed up by the :30 at the MLB All Star Game.

As the AdWeek ranking states of the spot that features prominently the Hellcat Challenger and Charger and Viper: “‘Predator’ has everything you could want or need from a car ad: A suspsenseful narrator, a Dodge doing donuts in an abandoned parking lot and a Phil Collins song.”

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