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Nick Livesey Directs Series of Ads For Dyson

April 27, 2016

Referencing 1950’s Hollywood glamour to contrast with the highly futuristic design of the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer – the ads directed by Nick Livesey used orbital camera moves to emphasise the unique design.

They also used elements of CGI, 3-D printing and CAD to include a tangible transparent resin replica of the product that could later be manipulated in post production. This allowed for the Dyson team to envision what was being shot and for The Mill to use shots of the clear resin model to organically introduce the skin of the hairdryer itself.

“To help bring Dyson – a brand loaded with tech-respect – into a world of beauty was a super great brief, and one I enjoyed enormously. We know that the Dyson Hairdryer is revolutionary in terms of size and airflow, but crucially we needed to show how user friendly this product was rather than just being technically superior.” RSA Director Nick Livesey

You can check out more of Nick’s work HERE.

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