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Casper Balslev’s “Collected Experience” from New Land

May 18, 2016

A skillful and artistic composition of movement and sound come to play in Casper Balslev’s latest spot out of Scandinavian production company New Land.

In “Collected Experience” for the Royal Danish Theatre, the director takes us on “an odyssey of creation” at the theatre, with choreography and sounds expertly pieced together that the commercial feels performative in its own right.

The spot marks a natural continuation of Casper’s visceral, impactful work. His commercial for the Royal Danish Ballet showcased dancers preparing for recital, building towards performance in a visually entrancing way. Similarly, his music videos for the likes of Seinabo Sey and The Presets have garnered him wide praise, alongside branded work for Volkswagen, Akvavit, and beyond.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group