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Christian Larson Directs Fiery Fashion Film For Mercedes

June 6, 2016

Mercedes Benz have enlisted the help of Swedish director Christian Larson for their 2017 Spring/Summer fashion campaign film, Burning Desire.

Larson, known for his fashion work with Agent Provocateur and music direction with Sigur Ros and Swedish House Mafia, captures burning blazes and eerie gusts of smoke as German model Lucie Von Alten and English musician Eliot Sumner share the spotlight with the Mercedes CLA.

Speaking to i-D Magazine, Larson said “I think that there is a beauty in destruction and in this case, I felt fire, and burning things, could look very beautiful. Fire is always something that brings people together — the storyline of the two girls meeting is about them being intrigued by the fire — and it also suggests the idea of ‘playing with fire’. I wanted to play with emotions, objects, elegance, rebelliousness in some kind of virtual dystopian world.”

You can find out more about the campaign HERE, and view more of Christian’s advertising work HERE, and music video work HERE.

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