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Wild Turkey and Matthew McConaughey Launch Global Advertising Campaign

September 8, 2016

Wild Turkey unveils the first commercial directed by and starring Academy Award-winning actor Matthew McConaughey.

Celebrating McConaughey’s directorial debut, this smooth and genuine film is part of the iconic bourbon’s new global marketing campaign titled “It’ll Find You,” created in partnership with J. Walter Thompson New York. The film, narrated by McConaughey over music he personally selected from New Orleans’ The Hot 8 Brass Band, seamlessly follows the intriguing journey of a woman and her glass of Wild Turkey Bourbon through different locations and times. Throughout the spot, McConaughey addresses the audience with the simple words: “We’re not in a rush to be most popular, not in a rush not to be. Real bourbon, no apologies.  If it’s for you, you’ll know.  Wild Turkey.  It’ll find you.”

“So many times people choose their drinks to fit in and join the crowd,” remarks McConaughey. “Wild Turkey is about something different. The tagline ‘It’ll Find You’ is at the heart of what Wild Turkey is all about.  If you are being yourself, unapologetically doing things your own way, then you are at home wherever you are, and Wild Turkey, well, it’ll find you.”

McConaughey was both director and creative director on the new Wild Turkey commercial. (Wild Turkey announced McConaughey as their Creative Director last month.) The spot also stars McConaughey, who worked closely with J. Walter Thompson New York and RSA Films to deliver the campaign.  It was shot on location in Southern California

Enjoy the commercial above, and for the full experience, indulge in a short film documenting Matthew’s creative journey with Wild Turkey’s distilling family, the Russells, here.

Source: Yahoo News

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