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M.O.D Launch new WaterAid Campaign

October 31, 2016

Rain for Good breaks away from the traditional charity ad formula to create something positive centred around the progress WaterAid have made as a charity.

The film was shot in Lubunda, a village in a disadvantaged part of northern Zambia, where people once relied on dirty, dangerous and distant water sources.

Before WaterAid’s work in the village bringing clean drinking water and safe toilets, sickness levels were high and many children had to walk long distances to fetch water for families. A village-wide casting was held to find the star of the film: Claudia, a 16-year-old student, whose quality of life has been greatly improved through the work of WaterAid.  The core insight into creating the ad was to show people that when it rains in the UK we moan about it, whereas in other countries around the world, they pray for it.

The film will air from October 30th on prime time TV, and will be supported by social and digital activity as well featuring on Spotify.

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