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Jake Scott directs “Art of Harmony” for Microsoft

December 12, 2016

To wrap up a ‘rough year’, Microsoft gathers inspirational stories in a feel good spot just in time for the holidays.

Launched this week out of M:United/McCann, Microsoft’s “Art of Harmony” campaign puts the spotlight on a group of seven real-life people — activists, artists, and entrepreneurs — many of whom have overcome adversity to stand up for what they believe in. The cast includes Joel Artista, an artist for social change; Zianna Oliphant, a child activist; Bobby White, a Florida cop made famous for his “basketball cop” viral video; Hawa Daillo, a West African refugee artist; Jazz Jennings, the youngest publicly identifying transgender youth; Zea Bowling, a 7 year-old same-sex marriage supporter; Christopher Cantrambone, Founder of Migrant Offshore Aid Station; and Mona Haydar, a Muslim-American activist who invites people to “Ask a Muslim” over free coffee and donuts.

The film shows the group working together using the Microsoft Surface Studio to create a peace mural. Ending with the words,  “When the world seems divided, coming together can be a beautiful thing,” the ad furthers last year’s “Spread Harmony” message.

Read more about the spot in Adweek, Creativity and Forbes.

Enjoy the film above and watch more of Jake Scott’s work here.



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