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Toby Dye’s Heineken Film Receives Worldwide Praise

April 28, 2017

Toby Dye’s new film for Heineken, Worlds Apart, has kick-started a worldwide conversation, with over 13-million views across Facebook and YouTube in under a week.

The campaign from Publicis London, is a real-life social experiment in which two complete strangers, divided by their beliefs, meet for the first time. Completely unscripted and filmed under strict documentary conditions, the resulting campaign has caught the public imagination across the world.

It has received coverage everywhere from Time, to Perez Hilton, USA Today and Forbes. Fast Co. called the advert “the antidote to the Pepsi Kendall Jenner ad”, whilst the Guardian said the film “tackles how to talk to your political opposite”. People have also been engaging with the campaign on social media, with comedian and actress Sarah Silverman praising the “brilliant” film.

Of the film, director Toby Dye said “For this film to work I knew we had to approach it with integrity, and as such the production, from research, to the shoot and edit, was undertaken just as we would a traditional documentary project, albeit constructed documentary. It takes a very brave brand to go with a film that is totally unscripted, especially with a scenario like this that could go in any direction, but I think that leap into the dark really paid off. We were all as surprised and delighted at how the brave souls we invited to take part in our social experiment responded to the experience.”

Watch the film, then head over to Toby’s reel to see more of his award-winning work.

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