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Activision’s “Destiny 2” Comes to Life in New Live-Action Trailer Directed by Jordan Vogt-Roberts

September 6, 2017

Jordan Vogt-Roberts beautifully blends first-person gaming, cinematic CGI, and comedic timing to immerse viewers in the Destiny universe.

To celebrate the launch of their highly anticipated sci-fi shooter, Destiny 2, Activision tapped on our very own Jordan Vogt-Roberts to direct a unique live-action trailer for “New Legends Will Rise.” Along with Jordan, we teamed up with Bungie, 72andSunny, and the incredible VFX crew at Framestore to produce the short for their global launch as a means to immerse new and loyal players into the popular sci-fi universe.

It was just impossible for me to turn down,” Jordan said in an interview with GameSpot. “It had too many things that I love in it.

Before shooting,  he also took a trip to Bungie to play an in-progress build of Destiny 2 to pick the developers’ brains about what makes their games tick:

For me, it really was a thing of, from the jump, really being able to talk to [Bungie] and say, look, let’s just make sure that as we design all this stuff, as we create a world that, yes, should bring in new players, that we never for a second forget about the core. The actual mega fans of Destiny need to be able to watch this and say ‘I’m proud of this. This represents the game that I love. This represents the world that I love. I’m glad this thing exists.‘”

The short film has received overwhelming positive feedback, and even earned Jordan and team AdWeek’s “Ad of the Day”. Here’s what others are saying:

“S*** just got real, ya’ll.” – AdWeek, Ad of the Day
“Destiny 2’s live-action trailer is much better than it has any right to be.
How did they pull this off?” – Polygon
“It’s one of the most comical video game trailers ever.” – TechCrunch
“[‘New Legends Will Rise’] is all done with a deft comedic touch” – Creativity

Take a look at a few behind-the-scenes shots of Jordan at work:

(Photo Credit: Chase Madrid)



Jordan Vogt-Roberts is a filmmaker and storyteller who is genre-less in the feature world, having directed both the huge creative and commercial success Kong: Skull Island, as well as the indie Sundance hit “The Kings of Summer”. He’s also prodigious credits in television, advertising and on the Internet. You can explore more of his commercial work here.


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