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Director Julian Acosta Shares His Journey as a Filmmaker with Direct To Podcast

September 26, 2017

How has music played a large role in Julian’s work, and how did being a late bloomer have its benefits? Listen to the podcast for the full story.

Despite enrolling in film school at BYU at age 26, Director Julian Acosta has always had an interest in the arts and knew that he wanted to make a life of it. He often draws inspiration from his musical background, and the rhythm found between human interactions and post-production editing. His dream in film school? To direct music videos. And the idea of working with collaborative artists pulled him in deeper in his passion for filmmaking.

When asked about his favorite films, Julian emphasized his love of Whiplash and how that type of storytelling highlighted the importance of sound throughout the film. Even though it is one of the smaller films to have come out in recent years in terms of budget and production, it was no small feat, as he chokes up at the thought of all the talented and hardworking individuals working together behind the scenes who all do it with love for the same craft. This is why he loves filmmaking to begin with; it is about human connection at its core and working together as a creative conglomerate.

“It’s not always about the story…it’s about the craft too”
– Julian on the hard work that goes into producing content.


“They [RSA] deserve so much credit for really helping me make it. Filmmaking is not something that you can do on your own,” Julian says about RSA as supportive collaborators and motivators, “These people were instrumental in my life and helping me make a career for myself.”

When asked what he wished he would have known before joining the industry he told Direct To Podcast host, Kurt Schneider:

“Brace yourself a little better for what is to come. It’s hard to think about things from the past, but it’s good to ask questions to know better for the future. Relationships are important. You’re not in this alone.”

A quixotic, cross-country road trip from Utah to Wisconsin to produce a no-budget music video for Julian’s favorite indie band awakened him to filmmaking (even as a technical glitch ruined all his footage). His passion soon led to music and performance videos for John Legend, Passion Pit, MIA, Foster the People, Band of Horses, Ellie Goulding, and the Shins. Today, he’s known for his commercial spots which often feature nostalgic voiceover (Lennar’s Everything Is Included), personal narrative, and a hands-on immersion in youth culture (Contour Cameras It’s On).

Listen to the podcast for the full story, and click here to check out more work from him.

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