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Director Luke Scott on the Evolution of Branded Storytelling

October 12, 2017

How is Luke Scott helping to change the way movies are marketed through short films for Blade Runner 2049, Alien: Covenant and Martian?

With prologue films like “2036: Nexus Dawn” and “2048: Nowhere to Run” created to build anticipation and context leading up to the release of Blade Runner 2049, it’s clear that the traditional method of promoting movies is evolving. More than ever, social media, digital experiences and brand partnerships help movies go beyond the trailer, and are integral to reaching as many viewers as possible. Leading the charge is our own Luke Scott, who believes that developing short films for big-budget movies is the next big step.

Luke Scott on the set up “2048: Nowhere to Run”

Not only does Luke think it’s a great form of marketing, “It helps evolve original scripts of movies,” he told Polygon. “It fills in the gaps where the narrator doesn’t have to worry about the genesis of the narrative.

Before Blade Runner 2049, Luke directed three branded shorts, in partnership with Audi and AMD, based on Ridley Scott’s Covenant world with their own dedicated functions: A prologue that introduced the main crew and their android, Walter, an in-world “advertisement” for Walter, and another prologue that helped fill the gaps since Prometheus.

“It helps evolve original scripts of movies,” Luke told Polygon. “It’s sort of cheating. It fills in the gaps where the narrator doesn’t have to worry about the genesis of the narrative. You could rely possibly on these short films and other assets that roll a few weeks before the main event to do that part of the storytelling for the director.”

Behind this immersive branded content, is 3AM – a hybrid creative marketing agency and consultancy founded by Ridley Scott, Alison Temple, Nick Temple, and Jules Daly to meet the marketing needs of filmmakers in a rapidly evolving industry.

The 3AM team has been integral in collaborating with directors to produce high-quality campaign content during principal photography for multiple feature films. The Martian is a great example of efficient collaboration between brands, studios, and directors to produce a series of shorts leading up to the official trailer.

When asked by AdWeek whether or not we’ll see more experimental marketing for films, Ridley Scott responded: “I don’t see why not. There are massive changes happening in entertainment at the moment, and we need to find new ways to get our content in the hands of the audience and get them excited to come out to the theater. I don’t think the answer is putting out five trailers and giving away the entire story. People don’t want to be bullshitted. Show me what I’m going to get in the theaters, but entertain me, and try to be clever about it. That’s all they have time for.”

As for 3AM, managing partner Allison Temple told AdWeek, “We want to make marketing fun. We know people are making a financial investment when going to see a movie. While everybody loves trailers, and we love trailers, we think this is another level to marketing.”

If you haven’t yet, watch our latest collaboration for Blade Runner 2049, “2048: Nowhere to Run”, directed by Luke Scott.

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