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The Fireflies West Celebrate 10 Years of Riding for a Cause

October 16, 2017
Photo by Warren Kommers

What started as a ride amongst friends has become a worldwide community of cyclists pedaling against cancer, who honor lost loved ones and help those in need by raising millions of dollars in Europe, California and now Australia & New Zealand.

The Fireflies Tour was established in 2001 by Sandy Watson Scott (then Head of TV, M&C Saatchi) in recognition of relatives’ and friends’ battles with Cancer. Five friends – Jake Scott, Adrian Moat, Nick Livesey (Directors at RSA Films), Tim Page (MD, The Quarry) and Chris Haworth (Sports Photojournalist) – cycled from Geneva to Cannes, to join fellow industry professionals at the Cannes Lions Advertising Festival, but more importantly to raise money for leukemia research. Over the last 15 years the ride has grown to hundreds of riders who have made the challenging journey from Geneva to Cannes across the high Alps.

Photo by Warren Kommers

10 years ago, The Fireflies West tour was founded as the American version of the annual ride by Bryan Farhy and is run also by, RSA’s Philip Detchmendy, Ben Hampshire and Erik Press.  It’s a  6 day ride from San Francisco to Los Angeles each fall.

This year marks the 10th year RSA Films has been a founding sponsor of the FireFlies West, and we couldn’t be more proud to support a greater cause. After 630 miles with 50+ riders, an incredible total of about $575,000 was raised!   This is in addition to the over $1.8 million raised on the previous Fireflies West rides.

To celebrate our riders’ homecoming, our friends at 72andSunny hosted a party for our RSA Films Family & more to enjoy:

More photos from Warren Kommers


Photo by Unique Hammond

Photo by Unique Hammond

“Riding a bike for eight hours a day is a painful and demanding experience but is nothing compared to the physical, mental and emotional pain that cancer patients and their families endure on a weekly basis.

Our small amount of suffering is offered in exchange for a small amount of hope and a belief that we can make a difference.

“For those who suffer, we ride.”

Another one for the books, Fireflies! You can learn more about them and their cause here.

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