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RSA President Jules Daly Discusses the Evolution of Brand Films at the NAB Show

October 24, 2017

What is a brand film, and how is it different from a commercial?
What’s the secret to producing a great brand film?
What does it mean now to “go viral?”

Our very own Jules Daly addressed these questions with PR Week, alongside Greg Hahn, CCO at BBDO, at NAB show. She also discuss what she’s done for BMW, the early Amazon, and Blade Runner, and what she thinks the future looks like.

In terms of maintaining quality content, Jules credits Tony Scott’s guidance:

“There’s no difference between a commercial and a movie: One’s a sprint, and one’s a marathon,” Jules recalled. “We’d like to think that we put the same excellence together for a short film or commercial as we do for a full length feature film. Branded content falls right under that.”

Listen to the full podcast and check out some of the branded content that we’ve produced with our partners.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group