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Introducing RSA LIVE with Director George Barnes

December 11, 2017
A new way to help brands interact with their audiences.

In an ever-increasing battle for brands to find space in their consumer’s feed, many have turned to Facebook Live. These live videos have proven to generate ten times more comments than regular videos on Facebook and seem to be favored in the elusive algorithm.

Since these live videos are posted to the page after they’re recorded, brands and publishers alike are focusing on quality over quantity.

“Branded content is constantly changing, and because it’s becoming more challenging to hold viewers’ attention today…live streaming gives us that one-on-one type of interaction that traditional media doesn’t,” says Jen Dennis. “George’s industry experience brings a really elevated approach.”

Director George Barnes is at the forefront of this livestream movement. As a pioneer and active participant in the Facebook Live and Facebook Watch spaces, he’s been creating mobile livestream content since 2014 and has developed an advanced multi-camera approach to the medium. Beyond being entertaining, his work stands out for its quality, which has helped major brands to create Facebook Live videos that consistently deliver high-performing metrics and engagement numbers that are too big to ignore.

Live interview format ft Neil DeGrass Tyson

George has spent years learning the intricacies of live social platforms, what works, what people want to see, and how to develop engaging creative. Most importantly, George has learned how to direct both cast and crew while everything is live, how to get viewers to participate, and then share, and how to consistently capture brands without post production.

Multi-Cam Livestream Setup

George on location

When we asked George what his “most successful” project has been to date, he shared:

“I have been truly blessed with the success of my livestream projects. I love the excitement and energy of each and every one. My favorite was the Baywatch slo-mo marathon because while we were shooting our FB LIVE there was a conventional film crew shooting the exact same event on Alexa at approximately 8 times the cost. Success to me was defined by the reach results of the conventional video (59,000 people in 8 months) compared to my FB LIVE that reached 2,100,000 people in one day.”

Experiential Broadcasting: Building a custom, community-designed Lexus.

We’re excited to launch RSA LIVE and explore the potential of livestreaming services like Facebook LIVE, and Facebook WATCH.

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