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RSA Films Welcomes Director Zach Merck to the Family

January 3, 2018
The journey from intern to director

It was senior year at Emerson College that Zach Merck started as a humble intern before joining the crew on Director Tony Scott’s Enemy of the State. Since then, he’s worked as a producer at multiple production companies before making the shift to directing full-time, first music videos, then commercials.

“I learned more working for Tony than I ever did in four years of film school,” says Zach. “Tony and I had a talk once and he said, ‘If you wanna be a director, you need to go work with a producer to learn structure and cost. It will greatly help your storytelling.’ So I went for it.”

Now it’s 2018, and we’re happy to announce that Zach has “returned home” to join the RSA Films Family once again, but this time as a director.

“I’ve always wanted to ‘come home’ to where it all started for me,” explains Zach.

Known for his expertise working with real people and hidden camera, as seen in his incredibly successful campaign for Chevrolet, Zach is truly an accomplished filmmaker and a great fit for our roster.

Our President Jules Daly says, “He is one of those remarkable talents who is well-versed in storytelling and the process of filmmaking, able to deliver great creative for a diverse range of projects. We’re excited to bring him a variety of new opportunities from across the company.”

“As a director, I believe in a team effort to bring a vision to life, whether it’s my own vision or the clients,” Zach says. “There are faces at RSA and Scott Free that I implicitly trust. I love to challenge myself—to try new perspectives—because I simply love film and RSA is a place that I can do that.”

Check out Zach’s reel here.

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