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Director Yoni Lappin and NOWNESS Present “Love the Time”

January 4, 2018
Diving into the diverse scenes and subcultures of modern Israel

Known for his beautifully raw portrayals of youth culture through short films and music videos, Director Yoni Lappin was recently commissioned by NOWNESS to create a piece that revisited his roots in Israel. When asked why he chose these stories to tell, Yoni explained that the country is a complex place with so many different viewpoints and interpretations. “I felt this was a story I needed to tell, to capture something honest.”

He shares how something that started as a simple concept developed into a compelling philosophical journal of subcultures:

“I was very lucky with the people I met who made the film what it is,” says Yoni. An exciting young generation growing up there, from different backgrounds and located in Israel, but who are all brought up on the internet with fresh ideas and energy like…the Jerusalem Skater Girls (J.S.G.) who are empowering Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Atheist women around the country to come together and skate in a way that is unforced and instinctive.”

“You are seeing these people come together not only to show their appreciation for the sounds that are influencing them, but who are also beginning to creatively interpret things in their own way,” he added.

Enjoy Yoni’s vision of modern Israel, and watch more of his storytelling pieces here.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group