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RSA Welcomes Director, Photographer & Screenwriter Matthew K. Firpo to the Family!

February 6, 2018
A rising star with a passion for purpose

From documentary and fashion to narrative and lifestyle, Director Matthew K. Firpo’s style isn’t tied to just one type of genre. His work often possesses an honesty that inspires audiences, all based around storytelling at a deeply human level. He’s directed spots for Tinder, Snapchat, fashion films for Suitcase Magazine and a Super Bowl commercial for Chase Bank. Refuge, his award-winning documentary short about the Syrian refugee crisis, garnered rave reviews as a riveting human rights chronicle at its premiere at SXSW.

“We champion filmmakers like Matthew who are passionate about their craft and making a difference,” says Jules Daly, President, RSA Films. “He is a talented director, photographer and screenwriter who is a great fit for RSA’s diverse offering. His work is topical, engaging and provocative. Our team is excited to introduce him to new clients and bring him challenging new opportunities.”

“I couldn’t think of a better creative home for my commercial career,” says Firpo. “RSA Films is a legendary company with an enduring connection to feature films, that believes strongly in the interplay between art and commerce. As a filmmaker in Hollywood, commercial director and documentary photographer, RSA stands firmly at the crossroads of everything I do as an artist.”

For Firpo, working as a director, photographer or screenwriter, the purpose is the same—to change the way people see the world, through the telling and sharing of stories that matter. Whether its sports, fashion, cars or social causes, the work he’s most passionate about is based in capturing the world in bold new ways.

“I want to chase work that people will never forget,” he says.

Currently, Firpo is working on an original sci-fi screenplay, The Mimi From Rio, to be produced by Ridley Scott and Scott Free for Netflix, as well as Ruin, a post-WWII drama starring Gal Gadot, slated for 2018 production. For more of his current work, check out his reel.


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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group