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Director Yoni Lappin Shows How “Impossible Happens”

March 5, 2018
Equinox’s new campaign videos pack a punch

With a roster of world-class personal trainers and a mission to take working out to the next level, Equinox’s goal has always been to set itself apart as a luxury fitness company. To do so, they launched a new campaign to show how “Impossible Happens,” and tapped Director Yoni Lappin to drive the narrative. High energy, quick cuts, and raw emotion are a few of Yoni’s trademarks that made him a perfect fit to create the image Equinox wanted to portray, along with his off-the-cuff and intimate interview style.

The spot features vignettes of eclectic fitness enthusiasts on their journey to overcome personal challenges, and how their trainers are the motivational forces that push them past what they thought was doable. Rather than taking the traditional route of “sappy testimonials,” Yoni aimed to capture the genuine dynamic between trainers and trainees in a humorous, heartfelt, and human way.

“The relationship between a personal trainer and their client is a special one,” says Yoni. “Just like any other relationship, there are highs and lows, but when it’s right you achieve the impossible.”

Check out some shots Yoni took on set, and watch more of his work on his reel.

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