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Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen Teases Short Film with a Cause

March 7, 2018
Addressing the struggles of growing up with alcoholism.

Known for his honest perspective of the complexities of youth and capturing “human” moments, Director Daniel Kragh-Jacobsen has finished his newest short film: “Next Stop.” Created as a part of a nationwide campaign to educate youth and social workers about the significance of helping the children who deal with alcoholism in the family, “the film talks about the importance of setting boundaries and saying no, even to the ones you love the most,” says Daniel.

The actors and actresses in the film were predominantly “street casted” from many different school and youth-drama-classes, which was ideal to create a more realistic and “innocent” world around the main characters.

“It was my goal to try and find a young actress, who no one knew and therefore wouldn’t project any emotions from other films onto,”  Daniel shares. “The actress who plays the mother is a fairly well known Danish actress called Ann Eleonora Jøgersen. Since one was untrained and and the other very experienced, I thought it would be very different to work with the individually, but it turned out the process was very similar.”

The initial screenings of the short film were followed by talks by real adults who have had a firsthand account of what it was like to grow up in homes with alcoholism. Kragh-Jacobsen tells us humbly, “I’ve been very proud that my film had a purpose.”

“Next Stop” has only premiered in Denmark, but will soon be available to watch worldwide.

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