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“Into the Now” to Premiere at Tribeca Film Festival’s 2018 Immersive Program

March 8, 2018
Dir. Michael Muller debuts his latest VR project as part of the Virtual Arcade

Last year, Director Michael Muller embarked on a journey with his crew to explore and capture the wonders of the aquatic world and the creatures that inhabit it. What started as a mission to drive awareness of the planet’s natural beauty, and the things that threaten it, became a greater and even more immersive story: “Into the Now.” We’re excited to share that Muller and his team will be premiering this new series as a part of this year’s Tribeca Film Festival’s Immersive Program at the Virtual Arcade.

In collaboration with Michael Smith and Morne Hardenberg, and produced by RSA VR & Vanishing Oceans, “Into the Now” leverages cutting edge virtual reality production techniques to offer a unique look at our oceans, capturing the most spectacular events in marine life, or as Muller refers to it, “the holy grails of diving.” As a medium, virtual reality will help immerse viewers into a unique experience that’ll give them an intimate look at the creatures and adventures that they may might never have the opportunity to see.

“People only protect what they love,” Muller shares. “To finally have a way to bring people along with me to witness nature in all its glory gives me a little hope that a seed will be planted in just one girl or boy. And that when they view this series, they’re inspired to go on to nd the desperately needed solutions our planet faces.”

The new series touches on the immense issues of climate change, pollution and overfishing, while also serving as an extraordinary educational tool for viewers to experience the oceans firsthand through VR. Muller’s goal is to create a call to action and give people a variety of ways to help our oceans.

“Into the Now” project is also part of an ongoing research project on the benefits of VR for PTSD, anxiety and other stress disorders through a special partnership with the Stanford University Neurology department.

You can learn see more of Muller’s work here.

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