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RSA Welcomes Chris Karabas as New Executive Producer

March 20, 2018
Pushing boundaries with a multi-talented and creative addition to the team

L/R – Ridley Scott, Jake Scott, Chris Karabas. Photo: Richard Tranley

From his success in talent management and sales, to his experience in music, film and advertising, Chris Karabas is no stranger to the entertainment industry. In fact, when he first dove into the world of talent management his first client was actually RSA, from which he moved on to rep many other A-list companies including The Mill and Rattling Stick. As the industry continued to shift, Chris was prompted to make a change in his own career and spent time discussing his possibilities with our RSA President Jules Daly and co-founder Ridley Scott. Today it’s with great excitement that we welcome Chris Karabas to come on board as one of our newest Executive Producers to drive the RSA Films family’s evolution in advertising.

“It’s incredibly rewarding to invite Chris to join our staff as an Executive Producer,” comments Jules. “He’s worked with us for many years bringing wonderful creative opportunities to our roster and collaborating with directors to help them grow their careers. He has approached the business from many angles and his experience makes him a great resource across commercials, branded entertainment and VR. We’re excited for this next chapter of our relationship.”

In his new role, Chris will collaborate with clients and A-list talent to create and develop ideas for transmedia storytelling opportunities.

“To be competitive, advertising must be entertaining,” Chris says. “I’ve always focused my energy on entertainment and advertising. To be working at the intersection of these two industries with the RSA Films’ family of companies – Hey Wonderful, 3AM, Black Dog and Scott Free – is incredibly rewarding. I can’t think of a better place to be career wise.”

“The industry is changing,” Chris says. “For instance, social media. I think it’s a mistake to treat it as ‘throw away’ content. We think it has massive potential if given the attention and financial resources it deserves. Black Dog, for instance, is ideally suited to elevate the quality and effectiveness of social media with its many influencers and artists.”

“We see incredible opportunity for creative-minded brands today,” Chris continues. “RSA has been around longer than any other commercial production company, but their vision of the future makes them feel like the youngest one out there. I’m passionate about working here because I have the utmost respect for Jules and Ridley and they’ve entrusted me with a big job. If that doesn’t inspire you, I don’t know what could.”

We’re looking forward to what the future holds, and are excited to share what Chris will bring to the table.

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