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Publicis Praise Heineken Campaign Success

June 28, 2018

In 2017, Toby Dye teamed up with Publicis to create a campaign for Heineken to add value for the brand in the crowded millennial market.

The creative idea, ‘Worlds apart’, was a social experiment which aimed to bring strangers with opposing views together over a Heineken, in the hope of finding common ground to strengthen the Heineken endline “Open your world”.  As a brand that stands for openness, Heineken wanted to facilitate conversation between even the most divided of people.

The campaign was a huge success, and as revealed in a recent Campaign article attracted over 50 million views, with Heineken trade increasing by 11.9% versus the same period the year before – more than three times the growth of the wider lager category.

Of the film, director Toby Dye said “For this film to work I knew we had to approach it with integrity, and as such the production, from research, to the shoot and edit, was undertaken just as we would a traditional documentary project, albeit constructed documentary. It takes a very brave brand to go with a film that is totally unscripted, especially with a scenario like this that could go in any direction, but I think that leap into the dark really paid off. We were all as surprised and delighted at how the brave souls we invited to take part in our social experiment responded to the experience.”

Read the Campaign article in full HERE. And check out more of Toby’s award-winning work HERE.

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