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Leo Burnett and RSA Partner for Breast Cancer Awareness

October 3, 2018

The ‘Booberang’ campaign for Breast Cancer Care aims to ignite a movement that uses the well-known social media behaviour of the Boomerang to encourage people to check their breasts.

Breast cancer is the most common cancer in the UK. One in eight women will develop breast cancer in their lifetime, with nearly 62,000 people being diagnosed with breast cancer each year. The campaign is built on the fact that many women aren’t checking their breasts regularly, yet many make time for social media.

Because breast cancer doesn’t discriminate, the campaign challenges the typical portrayal of a white woman with two perfectly symmetrical breasts, instead using a wide variety of breasts – from uneven to augmented, pregnant to tattooed, and everything in between.

As such, a 60” ‘breast check’ film features multiple types of breasts of all shapes, sizes and skin tones and shows how to check them, in a light-hearted and educational way. The accompanying infographics will also be reflective of the wide relevance of the campaign – allowing women to choose the breast size and colour that is right for them and share the resulting image on social media.

Director Nova Dando said “Creating a film that’s a true celebration of what it is to be a woman, with a message that feels relevant and purposeful, is a great feeling. Social media provides the perfect voice to speak to women of all ages, and remind them in a fun but beautiful way the importance of checking our boobs.”

Find out more about Brest Cancer Care here.

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