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Prada Releases “The Delivery Man,” Created & Directed by Ryan Hope

October 17, 2018
Featuring a trio of cinematic vignettes to celebrate the new Prada Cahier handbag.

No strangers to pairing cinema with fashion, Italian luxury brand Prada teamed up with RSA Films UK Director Ryan Hope to introduce their “Cahier” bag through a different lens.

Deriving from the French word for “notebook,” “Cahier” lends itself to the idea of a collection of different stories, ideas, and realities. To embody these concepts, Ryan created and directed “The Delivery Man,” a series of three distinct but interconnected narratives: Midnight Request, Woman’s Best Friend, and Priorities of Love. Each of these vignettes charts a different valiant attempt by the delivery man to ensure his precious cargo reaches its final destination.

The series, produced by The Directors Bureau, stars Academy Award-winning actor J.K. Simmons as the protagonist, alongside Prada’s eclectic roster of talent including Pom Klementieff, Sasha Lane, and Bahia Gold.

“Toying with notions of suburban unreality, and urbane sophistication, the stories unfold via three chapters, each charting a different valiant attempt by the delivery man to ensure his precious cargoes reach their final destination, despite pitfalls and obstacles along the way,” states the press release. “One takes place in a nightclub; another a Hollywood Hills mansion with overly protective guard-dog; the third in the Delivery Man’s own home, for an unexpected twist. Playful, subversive, unexpected, they ultimately end with a universal life lesson on the value of family, home and love.”

Watch the three-part series below and check out the rest of Ryan’s work on his reel.

Part 1: “Midnight Request”

Part 2: “Woman’s Best Friend”

Part 3: “Priorities of Love”

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