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Cornetto Cupidity

April 7, 2015

Cupidity – Case Study

Challenged with finding a new way of engaging a teenage audience in a modern world, Cornetto launched the Cupidity series with Unilever and RSA. We shot four 10-minute films in different global locations – Istanbul, LA, Hong Kong, and London, incorporating new music from up-and-coming acts.
The unifying theme of the works is love. After premiering in Turkey the films attracted over 5-million views in their first two weeks online – leading to the commission of further Cupidity projects. The popularity of the films is such that they have so far been watched over 50-million times worldwide. 


Cupidity – Together Apart

Directed By – Mark Nunneley

Mark Nunneley’s second film for the Cupidity series tells the tale of a young couple who after moving away to separate colleges decide to do whatever it takes to stay in touch and stay together.


Cupidity – Shadow Dancer

Directed By – James Copeman

Following the story of a girl who cares more about the opinions of her friends than her own happiness, Israeli short Shadow Dancer shows that some connections are just a little deeper. 


Cupidity – Kismet Diner

Written and Directed By – Mark Nunneley

Mark Nunneley’s Kismet Diner spot was one of the most well received short films of 2013. Winner of a Cannes Silver Lion and the Manhattan Short Festival Award, Kismet has so far received over 11-million YouTube views. It also earned a spot in the carefully curated Vimeo Staff Picks.


Cupidity – Beauty & The Geek

Written and Directed By – James Copeman

Shot in Istanbul, this young love story sees a pair of quirky teenagers kept apart by overbearing parents – and brought together by creativity and love.  The short featured an original score from Mystery Jet’s Blaine Harrison.


Cupidity – Margot

Directed By – Laurence Dunmore
Shot in Hong Kong, this story sees hopeless romantic Margot waiting for Mr Right. A chain of events centred around an antique box leads her to him or him to her?!



Written & Directed by – Raul B Fernedez X-Phobia
The fourth film was unique in that the story was crowd-sourced by MoFilm and then the script was passed onto director Raul B Fernedez to interpret and direct. It was cast and shot in Los Angeles.
Click HERE to watch this film.
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