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Rob Blishen

Rob Blishen plied his trade as one of the UK’s most in demand first assistant directors, before making the jump to writing and directing his own work at 4Creative. Whilst at 4Creative he learnt the value of great Creative Directors, and feels extremely fortunate to have been bollocked by the best of them.

He was clearly listening: in his first two years of directing for Channel 4 he won Gold and Silver twice at the Promax Awards. He followed that by contributing to the multiple British Arrow winning Times Unquiet Film series in 2015.

Rob can happily juggle highly complex technical work and still draw the best performance out of a cast. His work is delightfully inventive and visually captivating, and his writing skills come in handy too. Above all else though he loves cherishing a good idea.

Rob grew up in London and Tokyo and still dreams about Space Battleship Yamato ™. He considers his most formative experience as being kicked in the head whilst watching Back to The Future, by someone who looked exactly like Biff.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group