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Filip Nilsson spent over two decades as the creative leader of Forsman & Bodenfors, transforming a small Swedish startup into one of the world’s top three agencies with more than 100 Cannes Lions and a solid reputation for innovative campaigns for brands like Volvo and IKEA.

He left the agency to focus on filmmaking, using Rondo as his alias. During his two first years as a director he continues his legacy with award-winning work for IKEA, Milka, Volvo, and others. Initially he teamed up with Tomas Skoging, another well known Swedish director but Rondo is now a solo project in the UK.

Nilsson’s trademark is epic storytelling. He passionately adds scale and meticulous art direction to both comedy and more emotional scripts.

Definitely one of the industry’s most interesting new storytellers.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group