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Toby Dye

Toby Dye has directed an acclaimed catalogue of highly distinctive work, recognised with major international awards for both his long-form narrative films and short-form pieces.

He came to prominence in documentaries, leading audiences into a coven of free-love heavy-metal witches in France, the front room of a clinically-psychotic cannibal in Japan and with ‘Bodysnatchers of New York’ he picked up a Grierson Award, the UK’s highly prestigious documentary accolade. Whatever the subject matter, his non-fiction films are characterised by a mischievous wit and gripping storytelling, coupled with an ability to capture revealingly intimate and un-judgemental portraits of real people with a highly stylized, cinematic flair more akin to fiction filmmaking than traditional documentary.

A constantly innovative director, whether crafting fiction or non-fiction work, he combines techniques from both disciplines with often startling original results. His first music video, ‘Paradise Circus’ for Massive Attack, was awarded ‘Best in Book’ in the Creative Review Annual, along with nominations for ‘Best Music Video’ from the D&AD Awards and for ‘Best Dance Video’ at the Music Video Awards. Since then he has helmed commercial campaigns for major multi-national brands such as American Express, Lurpak, McDonalds, and Sky, along with recent work ‘Free the Kids’ for Persil/Omo picking up spot of the week in Campaign Magazine and a Bronze Lion at Cannes.

Most recently Dye created the ‘The Corridor’, the centrepiece to the celebrated art exhibition ‘Daydreaming…with Stanley Kubrick’ at London’s Somerset House. An immersive film installation housed in a specially built room where all four walls are filled with four never-ending tracking shots following a never ending narrative, the Daily Telegraph described it as “at once mind-boggling, funny and mildly disturbing”. A fitting summation to the best of Dye’s work.

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