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Karni & Saul

Karni & Saul love a good juicy visual and an emotional gripping story.

 The BAFTA nominated directing duo like to create what they call “casual fantasy”, a place where beautiful photography and film can meet animation and magical elements.

They have produced and directed award-winning short films, ads, and music promos across several different disciplines. Clients include Katie Melua, The Staves, Micha p hinson, Beth Orton, Flogging Molly, Sainsbury’s, and Maynards amongst others.  

In 2010 Karni & Saul showcased their short film Turning, a story of a magical afternoon with a boy and three huge birds. The film screened at festivals worldwide before being nominated for a BAFTA in 2011. 

Their second short film Flytopia (2012) was also a hit on the festival circuit winning several awards. Flytopia was commissioned by Film4 and based on a dark fantastical Will Self story. A very itchy film indeed. 

They are currently developing an animated children’s series as well as writing two features and a couple of kid’s books. 

(And they like to wear the days of the week on their underpants)

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group