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Pekka Hara


Director Pekka Hara is a true Finnish export. A sign of that is the rather pompous title of “Best International Director” he was awarded with at Midsummer Awards in London 2005.  A year later highly acclaimed Creativity magazine picked him to “Directors To Watch” article, which featured the 20 most interesting up-coming directors around the world.

In 2009 Hara won a Silver Lion in Cannes – that’s a stunt that no other Finnish director has been able to pull off since the early 80s. But that’s no wonder, because his spots have been frequently hitting the finalist lists in Cannes, New York, Eurobest, and Montreux since 2003.

His work include commercials for such brands as Philips, Volvo, Nokia, Disney, Dell, McDonald’s, Ikea, Santander, and Tao Bao, to name a few.

The most famous work includes a true heavyweight campaign for Volvo (EuroRSCG Worldwide New York), being one of the biggest campaigns that ran on the national television in USA 2006.

Other Hara’s classics are Philips Ambilight’s launch in China (DDB London) and the launch campaign for Santander bank “Live More” (EuroRSCG Helsinki), which gained notable attention among industry websites and blogs around the world.

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