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Hugh Johnson In Memoriam

Irish-born, Hugh Johnson’s classic directing style is smooth, vibrant and racy. With roots in feature film cinematography and direction, his work reflects extensive experience building images for the big screen. Film footage flickers across the haunches of a sporty automobile. Oiled and tattooed female legs dangle from gowns split up to the hip as photographers swarm. With graceful tracking shots and well-choreographed action that fits and fills the frame, the viewer gets both visual and mental stimulation.

Advertising agencies seeking a highly accomplished director/cinematographer have pleased clients including: Prudential, Hummer, Fuji Film and Courvoisier. Johnson’s ICI (Industrial, Commercial and Institutional) water conservation PSA “River” is part documentary, part epic with one long, clean shot illustrating the crucial importance of pristine natural water sources in third world countries.

Johnson’s feature film projects are as diverse as they are impressive.  With roles spanning from Second Unit Director on “G.I. Jane” and “Kingdom of Heaven” to Cinematographer on box office hits “The Chronicles of Riddick” and “Eragon”, he continues to be in high demand. His most recent work lighting “A Line in the Sand” and “From a Place of Darkness” is due out this year.

Since his feature film directing debut with sleeper hit “Chill Factor”, Johnson has been actively developing various screenplays favouring well-crafted dramatic tales.

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