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ELLE UK #MoreWomen

October 7, 2015

This week sees the launch of the third iteration of ELLE UK’s annual feminism campaign. Outspoken creative leader Alex Holder has continued her long-standing collaboration with ELLE to create the #morewomen initiative – editorial content for which is featured both in magazine and online.

The content includes an image series and a new editorial film, created by Alex Holder working with Alyssa Boni through RSA, that reveal the stark reality and global prevalence of the glass ceiling. The film, which will be shown through ELLE UK’s website and social media channels as part of the campaign, shows a series of iconic images of women in the most powerful echelons of society – and how lonely they are at the top.

Women in the most senior positions of business, media and politics are shown in familiar images with their male colleagues- on TV, in Parliament – and the men are then removed from the picture, revealing how few women there really are at the top table. The film is accompanied by a series of dramatic images that contrast the amount of women and men in senior positions.

Find out more about the campaign HERE. And check out more of Alyssa’s work HERE.

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