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Rogue One: Behind the Scenes

July 18, 2016

To say that Gareth Edward’s Star Wars Rogue One is the most anticipated film of the year is something of an understatement. With less than 6-months to release, the buzz around the film is amping up to fever pitch.

At the recent annual Star Wars convention in London, Gareth and the team revealed a new poster and a three minute behind the scenes trailer which gives us an idea of where the director is planning on taking the film.

The trailer shows some new characters and captures the enormity of some of the sets. It certainly gives off a grittier vibe than the Star Wars universe has shown us before, but as Gareth says “if you’re too respectful (of the original films) that you daren’t do anything new or different or take a risk, then what are you bringing to the table?”


You can view more of Gareth’s work HERE.

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