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Luke Scott makes directorial debut with Morgan

September 1, 2016

Luke Scott furthers the discussion of artificial intelligence in eerie Sci-Fi thriller, Morgan. 

The film follows a risk management consultant (Kate Mara) as she is sent to investigate and evaluate a terrifying incident involving a creepily human-like artificial being. Morgan (Anya Taylor-Joy) is bioengineered from synthetic DNA, a lab-grown creature that looks like a delicate teenage girl. Each calculated scene unfolds another layer of Morgan’s potential, as ultimately the team must decide whether to continue experiments or terminate the subject before she terminates them. In a gut-wrenching story full of deceit, wonder and fear, Morgan gives us a glimpse of synthetic life, full of endless promise and incalculable danger.

Morgan marks the feature directorial debut of Luke Scott, with the film produced by Ridley Scott and Scott Free Productions.  Forbes calls Morgan a “thoughtful, engaging, and unexpectedly humane little chiller,” and LA Weekly writes Morgan is a “Top Tier Sci-Fi Thriller” with a “killer ensemble”.

See for yourself, Morgan premieres September 2nd in theatres nationwide!


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