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Luke Scott Directs “Prologue: Last Supper”, the Official Prologue to Alien: Covenant

February 27, 2017

Prologue: Last Supper creates the perfect mix of nostalgia and impending doom,  in a 5-minute short.

In preparation for the release of Ridley Scott’s Alien: Covenant, RSA Films, 3AM, 20th Century Fox and Wild Card surprised Alien fans with an appetizing prologue.

Following the release of the Covenant crew photo (below),  Prologue: Last Supper gives us a more intimate look inside the Covenant. The crew gathers together and has one last “supper” before they enter cryosleep. With several nods to the original Alien film, the short introduces us to the characters before we board the Covenant on May 19th.

The tone of the short was carefully calculated. “We talked a lot with Ridley and Fox about recapturing the essence of this franchise,” said 3AM Creative Director Chris Eyerman. “It’s about real people reaching out into the unknown of space and trying to survive strange and terrifying circumstances.” Exploring the desire for a prologue, Eyerman continues, “So, in advance of a theater experience, [we thought] how can we connect with these characters and build a relationship with them? How can we see them as relatable people before all of the terrifying stuff goes down?”

With the short, came the unveiling of the entire star-studded cast – Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterson, Danny McBride, Demian Bichir and the recently confirmed James Franco – Prologue: Last Supper set entertainment news ablaze. IndieWire boasts the film is a “great showcase for the easy-going energy between cast members.”  SlashFilm, Digital Spy and Hollywood Reporter delve deeper into the meaning of the short. (Rumors abound!)

Meanwhile, Ad Age’s Creativity  and Shoot gave Last Supper top billing on their respective pages. And it dominated online sci-fi forums, giving fans something to chew on in anticipation of Alien: Covenant. The buzz spilled across social media, receiving over 3 million views on YouTube, 8k mentions on Twitter and over 75 press stories within the first 12 hours of launch.

Join the conversation and don’t miss Prologue: Last Supper – it may be one of the few times you see the Covenant crew carefree.

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Alien: Covenant hits theaters May 19th.


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