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Man in the High Castle’s “Resistance Radio” Wins Two Cannes Lions

July 26, 2017

How can a radio ad push through the noise to captivate a distracted audience? A perfect blend of cleverly placed branded content, smart copywriting and powerful storytelling.

Scott Free Production’s multi-layered campaign for Amazon’s original series Man In The High Castle, won two coveted Silver Lions in the radio (Branded Content/Programming and Use Of Music) category at the 64th Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity. The campaign centered around a pirate radio network broadcasting “subversive music and messages of rebellion.” Amy Ferguson, VP, creative director, at agency MullenLowe, and a judge for the Cannes Lions Radio category commented that the work was “so well written, that you could close your eyes and be completely transported. That really is the power of fantastic copywriting.”

Created by the social media agency Campfire At SapientRazorfish USA, the unorthodox”Resistance Radio” campaign partnered with producers Danger Mouse (Brian Burton), Sam Cohen and a roster of artists, to record 18 reimagined versions of classic songs that would fit within the Man In The High Castle world. Man in The High Castle takes place in a post-World War II world, where Germany and Japan won the war. The  campaign also featured three fully scripted shows, each with its own radio host. The music was released as a SoundCloud exclusive and as one of the first Facebook Live audio initiatives. For an experiential element, there was an underground concert at South By Southwest that culminated in the release of a soundtrack album on 30th Century Records.

Rolling Stone talked with “Resistance Radio” producers Danger Mouse and Sam Cohen about the creation and reception of the politically charged album. “Recording an album of covers for Amazon is not the most politically radical thing I ever did as a project. It’s a musical project and all stems from our love of music and sound and notes, ” says Cohen. “But, if people view this as a resistance to Trump, I’m fine with that. That’s the side I land on. If you get too preachy about your side of things, you get high fives from the people who agree with you, but you alienate everyone else and the conversation stays stagnant, which is so much of what’s the problem in this country right now. That said, these are songs that everybody likes – it’s on an album called Resistance Radio and points to a show about what it would feel like if the U.S. was under totalitarian control. Everyone should have a problem with totalitarian authority.”

Congratulations to the whole team behind Man in the High Castle’s “Resistance Radio.”

Sources: Inside RadioRolling Stone 

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