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Kristen Stewart’s “Come Swim” Included in Sundance’s Short Film Tour

September 5, 2017

Kristen Stewart has made her directorial debut with the short, “Come Swim.” Produced by Scott Free Productions and Starlight Studios, the film is part of Refinery 29’s Shatterbox Anthology series—a collection of short films all made by women.

First presented at the Sundance and Cannes film festivals, “Come Swim” stars Josh Kaye and is “a diptych of one man’s day; half impressionist and half realist portraits.”

Scott Free Productions executive vice-president of production and Come Swim executive producer Michael Pruss shared with Screen Daily how the project came together:

“At Scott Free, we had a great relationship on Equals and Kristen worked with Ridley’s son Jake on Welcome To The Rileys a few years ago, so it was such a natural continuation and collaboration. It was helping a mate out at this point. Our partner on the film Starlight Studios and Dave Shapiro brought Refinery 29 in for the financing. We at Scott Free look at Kristen as family. One of the first things Ridley did when we showed him the film was he sent her a note saying it’s fantastic and that she was like family.”

Photo: @ThunderStudios by @UrbanAfterThought

For Kristen, directing the short was “the most satisfying thing” that she’s done. Last October at the New York Film Festival she said, “As an actor, you’re like a little thing that can help everyone feel this, but when it comes from you — it’s like validation in the most ultimate. You’re not alone. Like, ‘I see you, girl. I see you, and I get it.’ It’s like, ‘Yes!’

After premiering at Sundance and Cannes, “Come Swim” was chosen to be a part of a select collection of short films in the Sundance Short Films Tour. The first stop on the tour was at the Laemmle Fine Arts theater in Los Angeles. A full schedule can be found here.

Photo: Getty – Photographer Lars Niki

“Come Swim” was also recently shown at MoMA in New York. After the screening, Kristen participated in a Q&A that was covered by IndieWire.

“Come Swim” will be available via Refinery29’s Shatterbox Anthology later this year.

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