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Pre-Order Director Drake Doremus & Scott Free Productions’ “Newness” on iTunes

October 5, 2017

Directed by Drake Doremus, “Newness” tells the modern story of two unacquainted millennials in contemporary LA who spend their weekends “swiping” on the dating app WINX. The options are endless, but it’s less about connection and more about hooking-up. But when Martin and Gabi meet they find themselves talking into the early hours. Connecting. It’s exciting. It’s new. Exhilarated by each other, they rush into a relationship. They go out on dates. They move in together. They skip work to make love… But is this love?

Michael Pruss, EVP of Scott Free Productions says “Newness” is Doremus’ take on romance in 2017, specifically how online dating and dating apps have influenced the way Millennials approach love and courtship.

“It’s profoundly changed not just people’s perception of relationships, but really their actual expectations,” Pruss said in IndieWire. “We’re all always on our phones — whether we’re ordering food or on Amazon Prime — and sex and dating has become an extension of that. In some ways, the thesis of the film is the understanding that a sort of tension exists between happiness and hedonism.”

The film was produced in partnership between Scott Free Productions and Lost City, with producers Michael Pruss, Drake Doremus, John Finemore, Robert George, Ben York Jones and Michael Schaefer. Executive producers include Ridley Scott, Elizabeth Grave, James Hoppe, Shea Kammer and Mason Novick.

“Newness” will be release on iTunes November 3rd, and can be preordered here.

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Part of the Ridley Scott Creative Group