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Scott Free London to Produce ‘A Christmas Carol’ with Tom Hardy

December 5, 2017

Scott Free London, in collaboration with Tom Hardy’s Hardy Son & Baker, are to produce the latest iteration of ‘A Christmas Carol’ for the BBC, the first in a planned series of Dickens adaptations from the Taboo team.

Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders, Taboo) will write the three-part drama for a Christmas 2019 release. Any question about narrative storytelling is answered by Dickens. To have the chance to revisit the text and interpret in a new way is the greatest privilege. We need luck and wisdom to do this justice.” – Steven Knight

Ridley Scott said, “It’s terrific to be continuing the creative partnership of Scott Free London with Tom and Steve that started with Taboo and continues with this exciting and ambitious anthology of British classics.”

Kate Crowe, Head of TV, Scott Free London, adds: “A Christmas Carol explores miserliness, isolation and selfishness against generosity, charity and open-heartedness; a clash of ideologies that is as significant today as it ever has been.”

Tom Hardy, Hardy Son & Baker, said: “It’s extremely exciting to have the opportunity to team up with Ridley Scott, Steven Knight and our partners at the BBC with this rare and wonderful opportunity to revisit and interpret Dickens’ classic works.”

Find out more about Scott Free productions HERE

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