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Director Michael Mann Joins RSA Films

January 10, 2018
Welcoming a Heavy Hitter to the Family

With a long list of accomplishments, including multiple EMMYs, a BAFTA and DGA honor to name a few, it’s no surprise that award-winning filmmaker Michael Mann, is a four-time Academy Award nominee. On top of this resume, we’re excited to announce that he is one of the newest additions to the RSA Films roster for commercial representation worldwide.

Mann’s most recent project with us is Nike’s “You Can’t Guarantee a Win, but You Can Guarantee a Fight,” featuring unbeaten Hong Kong boxer Rex Tso in a gripping ad that exalts resilience and will. It’s a reunion for the director and RSA, who first collaborated on a sultry thriller for Rolex called “Water,” via JWT Paris.

“I have been a fan of Michael’s ever since I can remember,” said Jules Daly, President, RSA Films. “To be collaborating with him again at RSA is amazing because he brings such a unique perspective to every project. Not only as a storyteller, but also a remarkable visualist who is always ahead of the curve with new technology and filmmaking techniques. We look forward to bringing him more exciting opportunities across the company!”

A masterful director, writer and producer, Mann helped define the modern-day thriller with his trademark atmospheric visuals, hand-held camera and intense dramatic performances in movies such as Heat, Ali, Public Enemies, Collateral, The Insider, Miami Vice, The Last of the Mohicans, Manhunter and Thief, and an epic list of TV credits including “Blackhat,” “Luck,” “Crime Story” and the iconic ‘80s series “Miami Vice.”

To see more of Michael Mann’s work, watch his reel here.

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