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RSA VR Supports Samsung’s Latest VR Initiative

April 27, 2018
Launching “Pilot Season” to ignite a new wave of episodic VR content

Last week Samsung has just launched a new initiative aimed at infusing exclusive, original, episodic Virtual Reality content into their Samsung VR Video service, called “Pilot Season.” Through the program, a select set of directors created original VR episodes that will be exclusively distributed through a dedicated channel on Samsung VR Video.

RSA VR was fortunate enough to be included in this effort to drive growth within the independent VR filmmaker community with two projects: Lightcatcher and Sam’s Surreal Gems.

We’re excited to be part of Samsung’s Pilot Season, which will open up the world of episodic VR content and storytelling to wider audiences,” says Jen Dennis, Head of RSA VR.


Sam’s Surreal Gems, Directed by Hey Wonderful’s Sam Cadman, Produced by RSA VR

Working with Hey Wonderful and their director, Sam Cadman {link to his director page}, we created a fresh, funny and irreverent VR series that challenges its viewers to spot eight surreal and unexpected Easter eggs hidden within each episode.

Sam’s Surreal Gems is the antithesis of overly familiar futuristic and fantastical VR, rather, this series will celebrate the truly entertaining and wonderfully funny possibilities within the real world already around us. Each set of surreal gems will have been carefully rehearsed and seamlessly choreographed so as to happen in a single uninterrupted take lasting no more than 2-3 minutes. These gems will be arranged so that they build in spectacle and scale, as well as darting around all 360 degrees of the VR space. The same troupe of actors will appear in each location/episode – playing their characters with a natural and understated ease.

To view Sam’s Surreal Gems on Samsung VR Video click here.

Lightcatcher, Executive Produced by RSA VR in partnership with Occupied VR

Moving outside the RSA Family, we partnered with Occupied VR, an innovative VR production house founded by an award-winning group of creatives, to executive produce Lightcatcher.

“J. Lee and his Occupied VR team were amazing to team up with, savvy and fearless collaborators both creatively and technically in the ‘wild west’ of VR,” says Jen Dennis, Head of RSA VR. “J.Lee recognized Lightcatcher’s story was a great fit for VR, which really maximized its impact as a palpable sensory experience.”

Lightcatcher is a 360 VR odyssey that revolves around earth and its people in the year 2150. Viewers are invited to get lost with five adventurers as they travel through unique environments—enduring hardships and triumphs in the new world. Explore subterranean caves, soar in zero-gravity and grapple sky high canyon walls. It’s a young adult adventure saga that brings the viewer on a journey combining elements of adventure, romance and sci-fi.

“Working with Jen [Dennis] and RSA has been amazing,” said Occupied VR President, J. Lee Williams. “The guidance and support we got from people who live and breath film inspired us to try and create something uniquely cinematic in 360 VR.”

To view Lightcatcher on Samsung VR Video click here.


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