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Yoni Lappin Releases Director’s Cut of Vogue’s “Model Citizen”

May 1, 2018
Sharing stories of South Sudanese talent in the modeling world

Predominantly associated with ideas of glamour, vanity and fashion, the modeling world is much more than meets the eye. Off the runway, models of all different backgrounds live through their own challenges, successes and personal experiences while balancing a life that also masks those realities. According to VOGUE, “this season Sudanese and South Sudanese talent is on the rise brining a new verve to fashion month.” Director Yoni Lappin was tapped to tell the beautiful stories of five models from the raw, stripped-down and organic perspective that is characteristic in his work.



“Hearing from this modeling contingent offers insight into the real lives behind the glossy images,” says Vogue writer Janelle Okwodu. “These young people have overcome countless challenges to achieve their goals and work not just for the instant payoff of followers or likes, but for the hope of enacting change and using their platforms for good.”


Read the full story on Vogue, and watch more of Yoni’s work here.

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