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Tom Hingston Designs Exclusive Ruinart Hotel

July 20, 2018

Earlier in July, Ruinart opened the doors of Hotel 1729, a unique one-bedroom hotel in London’s Primrose Hill, designed in collaboration with Tom Hingston of Hingston Studio. The transformation of a discreet London location for a limited time presented an unexpected and dreamlike interpretation of the Maison Ruinart, the world’s first established Champagne House created in 1729.

Tom designed Hotel 1729 to evoke the philosophy of Mason Ruinart ‘vivre est un art’ (living is an art). Inspired by the values and emotive qualities of the brand, the experience of Hotel 1729 brought the world of Ruinart to life in a way that was disruptive, imaginative, and sensory. During their overnight stay, guests were personally hosted by Ruinart Maître d’Hospitalité, Olivier Livoir and experimental Danish chef Bo Lindegaard.

The video above shows the suspended chalk installation, created in collaboration with Anna Burns studio. Consisting of 145 individual rocks, the final piece extends the entire length of the lower ground space.

You can view more of Tom’s work here.

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