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Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts Shares Concept Art Collection for His Metal Gear Solid Vision

August 28, 2018
The high anticipated film adaptation of Hideo Kojima’s franchise shows its early concepts, commissioned by artists around the world.

Science fiction, supernatural themes and hint of horror. If you’ve seen KONG: Skull Island, you’d know that these are a few of Director Jordan Vogt-Roberts’ favorite things when it comes to film adaptations. Now mix it into the video game universe, and you have something that’s almost too good to be true.

For the past few years, Jordan has been associated with the concept of bringing the iconic Metal Gear Solid storyline to the silver screen. Created by Hideo Kojima, the franchise is notable for its hugely influential style of stealthy gameplay and integrated storytelling, and while video game movies don’t have the best reputation, Kojima himself has given his stamp of approval, writing “I’m convinced that no one but him can direct Metal Gear Solid.” (via ScreenRant)

In an interview with Kotaku, Jordan shared, “I wanted cinematic key frames to express the world so people could reference the script and understand the world of the film without having to be knowledgeable with the game’s cut scenes, characters or environments.”

With high hopes to get the greenlight from Sony Pictures, Jordan has been celebrating Metal Gear’s 31st anniversary over the past month with unique concept art that he’s been developing with talented artists around the world, and we’re excited to share them with you here! Take a look at some of the art below, and see the full collection and artist credits here.

To see more of Jordan’s commercial work, check out his reel.


Art by Form Language Studio


Art by Ben Mauro

Art by Nick Foreman

Art by Joe Peterson


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