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Film School Rejects Rank Director Tony Scott’s Filmography

September 6, 2018
How many of these have you seen?

From wholesome family films, to dark action-packed dramas, most of Director Tony Scott’s films shared one common thread: they were often fueled by deep emotions, testosterone and sometimes rage, but “he could mash sweat and style like nobody’s business into big, loud fun,” says Film School Rejects.

To honor and celebrate the late director, producer, friend, brother, and so much more…Film School Rejects ranked each of Tony’s movies not to compare the “best” from the “worst,” but rather to show how his versatility earned him his legacy.

“I wasn’t sure at first about the idea of ranking his movies for this list because while I love ranked lists they typically lead with negatives which didn’t quite match my desire to celebrate his filmography,” said Editor Rob Hunter. “As we put together and assigned the titles, though, it became clear that between the four of us — Chris Coffel, Brad Gullickson, Kieran Fisher, and myself — all sixteen of Scott’s films had its fans.”

Below are a few films from the countdown, but you can see the full list of Tony’ 16 movies as ranked by Rob Hunter & the Film School Rejects team:


  1. The Fan (1996)

  1. Beverly Hills Cop (1987)

  1. Spy Game (2001)

  1. Deja Vu (2006)


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