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Cuba Tornado Scott’s Directorial Debut Introduces the “Fairmont Loves Film” Event Series

September 13, 2018
Exploring the Fairmont Hotel’s historic connections to the cinematic world.

Photo credit: Lucas Garzoli

For decades, the iconic Fairmont Hotels have played host to some of Hollywood’s most legendary films, from Home Alone 2 in 1992 to 2013’s The Great Gatsby. Known for its air of luxury, filmmakers have painted the walls of these hotels with timeless stories, and this year Fairmont has welcomed the next chapter.

At this year’s Toronto International Film Festival, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts introduced a new art-centric event series in partnership with director, screenwriter and now Film Ambassador and Curator Gia Coppola, called “Fairmont Loves Film.” Rising artist Cuba Tornado Scott was tapped to direct the short film to introduce the project produced by RSA Films.

Director Cuba Tornado Scott

Cuba Tornado Scott is a creative force inside and out, from her exquisite illustrations and photography to gracing the covers international publications like Vogue and Garage as a model. Now with this directorial debut for The Fairmont Hotels, she’s officially taken her unique perspective and incomparable aesthetic to the world of cinema alongside fellow filmmakers like Gia Coppola, and her own remarkable familyher father Jake Scott, her late great-uncle Tony Scott, and her grandfather Ridley Scott.


Photo credit: Lucas Garzoli

In the video created by Cuba, the audience is introduced to the “Fairmont Loves Film” project through the lens of a woman whose vivid memories revive the spirit of cinema within Fairmont. The creation of cinema and Fairmont become inescapably intertwined, the sense of luxurious comfort and whimsical wonder connect through a narrative arc between the contemporary and the classic. The film delivers a sense of curiosity and longing to know more about the experiences these characters had within the walls of Fairmont hotels, and builds a desire to witness new versions of those experiences.


Photo credit: Lucas Garzoli

“We are thrilled to welcome Gia as the Ambassador of Fairmont Loves Film and honored to work with Cuba to launch this exciting event series. These young talented women bring a fascinating perspective to the evolution of film and the timeless appeal of Fairmont hotels,” said Sharon Cohen, Vice President, Fairmont Hotels & Resorts. “Fairmont enjoys a strong connection to cinema that is shared across generations and includes unforgettable personal moments, along with movie-making history at some of our most celebrated and awe-inspiring properties.”

The short film will be released online later this year.

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